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Semi-Finalists for the Wine-A-Bago Design Contest

We’ve been hemming and hawing about all the great designs we’ve seen.

Here are our favorite 6-pack of designs.  The final voting will be by customers at our summer events for  St Josef’s and the Wine-A-Bago!

Jeff Voth

WineABago Wade 009Margaux MeganckCinde NelsonWade Voeltz

L. Howell

Join us at our upcoming events-

  • Sudan Farms – Open House July 6th
  • Aurora Concerts in the Park – Wednesdays in July
  • Wilsonville/Villebois Farmers Markets- Thursdays
  • First City Celebration- July 27th Oregon City
  • St Josefs Music events

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It’s taken way too long to make this choice and many of the really good designs are not even in the finalists


June 27, 2014

Great job in getting responses. I like the Hubka design because it gives the best branding of SJ. Aren’t these off the labels? This will be eyecatching going down the road and refer back to your bottles and brand. And you can’t beat Lautrec for a guy who wanted to have fun (or at least see it happening!)


June 27, 2014